LL Buchanan Lake

Yakima, Washington





These links are in addition to the links on the main pages. They are the web servant's current choice of links, and he is open to your suggestions...


FloatingIsland.net: Floating island information.



FloatingIslandInternational.com. A high quality, patented floating island design for vegetation and esthetics. Small or large area sizes. Conveniently installed. Not the BuchananLake tree style floating islands, but better in several regards.

Marks Lake Maps: Mark Reller - if you're a fisherman, a biologist, or a boater, we think you will like his selection of Lake maps.  Mark mapped Buchanan Lake for us so we will have water volume information and GPS locations correlated to depth for setting island anchors. 


PrivateIslandsBlog.com: Interesting website with much information about private islands.



Yakima Area Arboretum Our most distinguished neighbor.




Lawyer Nursery. Our source for the fun variety of trees we are planting around the lake.






Swan Society The fine folks who appreciate the superlative beauty of Trumpeter Swans.






AlaskaStories.com For your idle entertainment.





BuchananWarehouse.com Warehouse in Yakima Washington. Rental space may be available.




Apocalypse Design Alaska adventure clothing and equipment.

Apocalypse Design corporate headquarters.

The owner, a fellow Alaska adventurer, glacier ice cave explorer and mountain climber, taught the website servant how to make this website, despite the anguishing process of teaching a mountain climber anything.







AlaskanAlpineClub.org The questionable sorts who got no more good sense than to walk up mountains where it is cold.

The photo is a 150 foot ice tower, March 2005.






Think.ws The process to solve any human caused problem, regardless of its complexity, and therefore beyond the understanding of institutionally thinking folks.



LynnBuchanan.com Lynn's page.

WinterKing.com Homer Alaska. Looking for a change from your floating island on the lake? Fish at Homer. Why is this the best coastal fishing charter in Alaska? Inordinately safe custom boat. Meticulously clean and neat. Fun, dynamic crew who pay attention to details. The owners have classic Alaska stories and friends. Located in awesome Homer, on the spit or course.



AlaskanCottages.com Where you want to stay in Homer Alaska. Your first choice if it is available.




UltimateGeoCache.net The undisputable Ultimate GeoCache.



ParkServiceCorruption.com. Our benevolent National Park Service thugs.









Buchanan.ws. A page of Buchanan domain name links, for some reason.






Barney's Island
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Betty's Island-3
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Betty's Island-5
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Pebbles Island
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