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Floating islands.

Consulting for gravel pit pond planning and recovery.

Yesterday's inadequately thinking gravel miners create gravel pits that become typical gravel pit ponds.

That is why governmental bureaucracies, of even less-thinking people who are so incompetent that they sink to government regulatory jobs, have been able to drag American productivity down below many other nations at great cost to American society, with no actual benefit to people or the environment. The later is verifiable. The governmental regulatory morass imposed on mining operations is notorious, counter productive, serves only to perpetuate itself, and is an epitome of government incompetence.


Today's adequately thinking gravel miners cost effectively create valuable lake-side and hillside properties with desirable, broad-benefit qualities appreciated by the observing public. The gravel is a profitable reason to do so.


If you are managing a current or planned gravel pit that will become a pond upon completion of mining, you already have staff who can effect the above mentioned increase in property value and public appreciation of therefore less regulated mining companies upon completion of mining operations. Give a company employee a pen and paper, assign them the task, and give them a week.

If you do less, YOU are the reason American productivity is stifled by costly, counter productive government bureaucracy.

Sketch the property (as you have already done). Ascertain the soil characteristics (as you have already done). Ascertain the completed pit size, depth and shape (as you have already done). Ascertain ground and air chemical alterations from the operations (commonly available knowledge). Ascertain noise effects (common sense). Immediately construct a concluding perimeter irrigation system if reasonable. Supplement the perimeter irrigated soil if necessary. Start planting a dense, visually pleasing zone of diverse trees and shrubs, including new hybrids. Lacking sufficient water, start a staged program of visually interesting rock sculptures, etceteras.

Start NOW. To do so later describes inadequately thinking miners and their results.

Sustain your program.

Plan and maintain your actions to never create a visual mess on the property. If that is done intelligently it will enhance your company productivity. Time is on your side, for a series of useful reasons, if the program is verifiably started and verifiably sustained. The process can utilize portions of operations down-time if the itemized plan is printed and available to all personnel.

Nearing the completion of mining operations, when on-site facilities are still fully available for a sufficient period of time, make several self-sustaining, long life floating islands somewhat of the nature shown on this website, but of the new lower cost, higher efficiency designs not yet shown herein, easily recognized with some thinking.

Contour the pond shore for visual attributes, utility and wildlife habitat.

During mining operations, actively seek and write an ongoing list of objective ideas for subsequent use of the land. Keep the full list for the test of time. Think as do the observers and next land owners. Manifest the most cost effective ideas.

Visual results and perceptions of mining create most of the public objections and bureaucratic interference with productivity. The more substantive considerations of pollutants require complete mitigation, but the most effective long range cost savings to miners are derived from the cost-effective mitigation of visual effects and perceptions.

Or contact David at Buchanan.ws (replace at with @). He will do the above with greater knowledge, refinement, efficiency and effect. He will hand a copy of the detailed process to one of your staff to easily maintain and improve the program.

The same concept applies to most mining operations. One of the related flaws of larger mining corporations is their hiring institutionally trained and titled environmental remediation consultants who are as cost ineffective, self serving, institutionally self stagnated and as objectively incompetent as government bureaucrats. Until one thinks beyond institutionally trained thinking, of one's own institutions and those hired for goals, one will remain within ultimately doomed competition among incompetence. Related knowledge is available at Think.ws.

They who invest thinking into the land that provides benefits, create their next greater benefits.


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